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University seeks new president: spectacular views, spectacularly difficult work

October 24, 2009

Dr. Elaine Hairston, the consultant helping the Board of Regents find someone to replace UA President Mark Hamilton (who is retiring), finished up a draft of the job profile last week.

The president guides the University in a multitude of ways, from acting as the University’s public face, to working on the budget, to providing direction for each campus. The chosen person who play a big role in University Policy in coming years, so the job description used to lure them north is an important document.

The eight-page profile is an expanded job description. Parts of it read like a tourism brochure on Alaska, other sections provide information on the job and application process for potential candidates.

It sounds like the board really wants feedback on what Alaskans are looking for in the person who leads the university system. In an email to a variety of people in the UA system, Kate Ripley (the University’s Director of Public Affairs) asked people to distribute it as widely as possible, at Board Chair Cynthia Henry’s request. Any thoughts are supposed to be directed to Hairston.


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